I am a multimedia artist and printmaker based in Glasgow. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking in 2016, I have been continuing my creative practise focusing on watercolour painting, life drawing and printmaking. My practise explores a variety of themes that are often derived from personal experience and feminist standpoints on how women are portrayed in the world. From a young age, my work has been inspired by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Lucas and Joan Eardley, whose style influenced me to take a cathartic approach whilst also on working on universal themes of identity, childhood, the body and the media’s portrayal of women.

Currently my paintings have taken an anthropomorphic approach with the inclusion of symbolism to contain meaning and clues as to what my paintings portray, derivative from phrases such as ‘left on the shelf’, ‘old trout’ or ‘old hen’ and domestic objects.

I am continuing this line of interest within my works in painting and printmaking, evolving current works into etchings, screen prints and lino cuts often narrowing down the narrative to a particular focus on the theme whether it be animal skulls or broken egg shells to work as a collective of narrative works.
My other primary focus has been on the development of my life drawing and the use of watercolour within my practise, a key element to training how to work from life and attaining poses and compositions for new paintings.
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